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' Does he say things like that on Monday in preparation?

Does he/contestants change clothes so they aren't wearing the same thing on two different episodes?

A: Yes, every show that is taped has a date that it will air.

There is a message board that tells him what day of the week it is before he goes onstage.

"But I want to say that for 30 years I've defended our show against attacks inside and out.

junkie creeping on this silver fox's quirky 'stache. I've always had a thing for guys who rock facial hair.

"It's not a threat, but I want to let you know how I'm feeling." The 74-year-old Trebek was upset after he was asked to re-tape a segment of 'Jeopardy!

Doesn't he have to look at the category, then the question? A: He has been doing it for going on 27 years now, hes gotten very good at it. Q: How does Trebek manage to read the 'answer' so quickly after the contestant has selected a category?

What is he looking at behind his podium, is it some sort of screen similar to the answer board screens? It's so instantaneous that I have often wondered if perhaps this is done with post editing, all the gaps between the contestant picking the category, the answer board screen responding with the words, and Trebek starting to read the 'answer' have been pulled out before broadcast.

" The producer asked Trebek to re-tape the episode, which sent the veteran TV personality into a tizzy.

"If you all think I should retape the opening, I will," Trebek responded.


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