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"There are gays and lesbians in every country, so there should be no discrimination against them just because of their destiny," he said.[Source: Associated Press, December 11, 2009] Gay rights is not a major issue in Cambodia, and Hun Sen seemed to have been inspired by discussions of the subject on International Human Rights Day on Monday, including on local television.

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Khav Sokha, a former motor-taxi driver turned medicine woman, married her female lover in Phnom Penh. He made the rare revelation about his closely guarded family life during a public speech at a student graduation ceremony.Having sex with a virgin is greatly prized in Cambodia.Many Cambodian men believe that deflowering a virging will bring good luck, prolong life and eliminate any chance of getting AIDS.A local official said: “It is an immoral act, especially embracing each other and having sex in public.We only round them up to educate them not to conduct immoral activities.” The night after the warning was issued 37 teenage boys and 48 sex workers were rounded up from public parks at night.Sokha dresses and speaks like a man and wants her partner to be called her "my husband." In October 2007, Associated Press reported” Hun Sen “said he was severing ties with his adopted daughter, who is a lesbian, but appealed to people not to discriminate against gays. Hun Sen said he plans to file a civil court case to disown his adopted daughter so that she cannot claim any inheritance from his family.


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