The listview raised event itemupdating which wasnt handled

There are some demos if you follow the link but, as a taster, the code for rendering a combobox might look something like this: Ext.create('

Panel', ); The renderer in this example returns a config and xtype but it could also return the actual component.

79210 I have a problem with the componentcolumn being used in a grid with a cellediting plugin.

When I use a checkbox xtype in the renderer for the componentcolumn, the store's record is not updated (get Updated Records() returns nothing).

If anyone has any suggestions for improving performance that would obviously be welcome.

I hope that what my extension lacks in scaling it makes up for in saved development time.

Without knowing your use case I don't know whether this would meet you needs.

You might be able to fake it for now by suspending events on the store but that may have other consequences.

me.mon(view, 'refresh', View Change, me); me.mon(view, 'itemupdate', View Change, me); Perhaps intercepting the grid views 'refresh' method and buffer Render (or whatever it's called for single item redraw) to clean up before the dom elements are gone could be a safer bet? Why might it be too late to destroy a component after its el is removed from the DOM?I am facing another problem now wherein find Field is not able to find these Ext widgets embedded in grid cells?Do you know if find Field is only for form panels and NOT for grid panels?Or is this a limitation of plugin or bug or something else?I have a main form panel (id:framework), which has another form panel (blocks container) as one of its items.The tests I've done suggest that the components do get cleaned up using this approach.


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