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We recognise that discussion of certain social and political issues may legitimately require the use of sensitive or potentially offensive terms, but outside of those limited contexts the use of such terms is not allowed on this site. We have a 'swear filter' on the site, that censors a small list of words considered to be inappropriate.

If you try really hard you can get around it: please don’t.

Please - no images or other media that include unfiltered swearing, and no links to any content that includes significant unfiltered swearing. It’s fine to discuss sex on TSR - but please remember this isn't the place for sex chat or tips. There’s a big difference between respectfully disagreeing and being rude or disruptive.

If you think someone is trolling please report it and a member of the team will look into it. Text speak (eg, "b4", "l8r") is impenetrable gobbledegook for many people, so please don’t use it on TSR. Please also avoid posting in a foreign language unless you also provide a translation (aside from in the Foreign Languages forums or the International Lounge). Do not post 'spoilers', such as what happens at the end of The Sixth Sense, without using 'spoiler' or 'expand' tags to obscure the content of your post. Please keep your posts relevant to the conversation and on topic. You can help keep the conversation flowing by posting in the correct forum, keeping to the topic of the thread and adding constructive posts. If you get the feeling that members are naturally going off-topic on that particular thread start a new discussion in another thread and quote in the members who seem interested in talking about topic. If your post is made up wholly or predominantly of images, emoticons or 'memes', it might be worth asking yourself what it’s adding to the conversation. Sometimes people want to 'bump' a thread (ie, post in it again so it returns to the top of the chronological thread list).

Our guidelines and rules in detail Welcome to The Student Room.

By using the site, you agree to follow these rules. Don’t insult people, don’t patronise or belittle them, and don’t make personal attacks. Think before you post – would you feel comfortable saying what you’re about to write face-to-face?

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The change must be focused on and specific to that particular university.

is the world's largest petition platform, empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see. The OP should be an opinion piece with a poll, representing a point of view and providing the community with an opportunity to engage with the debate, post in a poll and sign the petition via the link posted should they wish. Members are encouraged to start a new thread in a relevant forum which can include the e-petition 5f.

The following petition threads will be removed: - petitions which are not approved e-petitions established via or - petitions with less than 100 signatures - petitions focusing on a local change and not one which will potentially be rolled out nationally or internationally - Where the original post only has a petition link included with no inclusion of a poll and a written statement.

Chat: the Chat forum is intended for general chatter, so the rules on keeping posts constructive and on-topic are relaxed in there.

Health and relationships: there is an anonymous function in these forums – please make sure you understand when it’s appropriate to use this and that you’re familiar with the 'three strikes' policy for more serious rule-breaking. Debate and current affairs: the guidelines for this forum give some advice on how to introduce a topic for discussion, especially in relation to more controversial issues.


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