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Palestrina borders the following municipalities: Artena, Castel San Pietro Romano, Cave, Gallicano nel Lazio, Labico, Rocca di Cave, Rocca Priora, Rome, San Cesareo, Valmontone, Zagarolo.

Early burials show that the site was already occupied in the 8th or 7th century BC.

Also famous is the bronze Ficoroni Cista (Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia, Rome), engraved with pictures of the arrival of the Argonauts in Bithynia and the victory of Pollux over Amycus, found in 1738.

An example of archaic Latin is the inscription on the Ficoroni Cista: "Novios Plautios Romai med fecid / Dindia Macolnia fileai dedit" ("Novios Plautios made me in Rome, Dindia Macolnia gave me to her daughter").

Other imported objects in the burials show that Praeneste traded not only with Etruria but also with the Greek east.

The origin of Praeneste was attributed by the ancients to Ulysses, or to other fabulous characters variously called Caeculus, Telegonus, Erulus or Praenestus.

It is the birthplace of composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.

Palestrina is sited on a spur of the Monti Prenestini, a range in the central Apennines.

The Church Cottages were owned by Sámi families and used as accommodation during times of important church festivities.

For lovers of the great outdoors, the environment offers a wide range of activities and for birdwatchers, close to the village there’s the Ranvika bird cliff.

Nesseby is a picturesque fishing village on the Norwegian side of the border, approximately 50 kilometres from Nuorgam.

The caskets are unique in Italy, but a large number of mirrors of precisely similar style have been discovered in Etruria.

Hence, although it would be reasonable to conjecture that objects with Etruscan characteristics came from Etruria, the evidence points decisively to an Etruscan factory in or near Praeneste itself.


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