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First impression, she looks very petite, but the boobs are quite big, can tell they are operated.

She replied and I immediately went up to the hotel.

Then she started cat bath, but unfortunately my body is too sensitive, feel tickling.

But what caught my attention were her nipples, very nice, soft and quite long, really nice to play with and suck, yummy! She did all kinds of stimulation on me, almost feeling cumming but manage to held it.

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She started working on my Didi and i devoured her pussy in a battle to make each other come. Nothing special, we did doggy style for a bit before I unloaded again missionary style. Taking shower together, she clean up my private area herself and the action begin on bed. Upon commencing the actual action, sound system was good and lots of body contact Started with a good 10 minutes BBBJ. After a while I pushed her down and pumped her missionary while squeezing her breast. Upon entering KL I would say the selection of ladies have improved tremendously. Chatted during the ‘washing’ ritual and she gave me a brief BBBJ there.The Petronas station again served as a beacon for the brothers who searched for glory. Afterwards I washed up and was well on my way to get a good night sleep.After some directions, parking search and walking, I finally reached the door of this legend. She do CIM but I dun wanna have such a short period. Again, she got the best complex of skin and smooth like a baby. Next time, will try her massage as she promised to “jilat dari bawah sampai ke atas”. Name: Devi DMG: 250 Boobs: 7/10 Pussy: 7/10 BJ: 10/10 FJ: 8/10 WIR: Definitely GFE : 10/10 Got her number from webmaster.True to the legend, her falling kimono revealed her red lingerie that draped her precious parts. Seems like she using this hotel for very long time because the receptionist already know who I was and show me the exact room, btw just beside the counter.


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