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“What you get to see in those five minutes depends on how long we have to spend answering your questions, but once the clock reaches zero we’re going private and access will cost you a hundred tokens each.

After that, requests in private will be considered and charged depending on what you guys want to see.”The chat box overflows with yet more comments that Vanessa ignores.

I don’t know who first came up with the notion that a groom shouldn’t see his bride-to-be the night before the wedding, but it was a bloody stupid idea. ” “Thought I’d get an early night myself since it’s going to be a big day tomorrow.

It’s a nerve-racking experience knowing that in just a few short hours you’ll be dedicating your entire future to someone else. ”“Pretty crap, but I’ve got the laptop so figure I’ll watch You Tube for a couple of hours, and get some sleep if I can. And hopefully, a big night too,” Vanessa says, giggling.

In an effort to avoid cumming too soon I slow my masturbation down, and take a quick glance at the room’s users. Still on his knees, Will winks at the camera.“Forty tokens if you guys want to see her pussy.”The words are barely out of his mouth before there’s a pinging noise indicating a tip has been made, and the amount and tipper’s name flash on screen.“Thank you, boogie Bond,” says Will.

Will is also topless – thanks to African heritage he’s slightly stockier than his friend, with more muscle around his chest and a tribal tattoo that runs diagonally from his ribcage across to his right shoulder, down to his bicep.Just shy of five-foot-nine, she ran track at university and, like the two guys either side of her, works out regularly at the gym, giving her a perfectly flat stomach and an athletic pair of legs that most supermodels would kill for. Big_Luke_90: show us ur body bb Johnnie Bareback: take of bra babe big Meat Man: wow! Vanessa settles back onto the sofa making herself comfortable, still staring directly into the webcam.“OK, boys,” she says, “Show starts now.”The numbness in my head is fading, and I feel as if she’s addressing me directly and, by default, also directly addressing the hundred or so horny bastards from around the globe who have gravitated to the show and are now salivating, throbbing cocks in hand, over my bride-to-be..Even accounting for fiancé bias, she’s absolutely gorgeous - a fact not wasted on me nor, it seems, all the other viewers who’ve suddenly been drawn to the room, flooding the chat box with comments. On-screen, Vanessa continues: “We’ve set a clock on the screen to give you all a five minute preview.” Predictably, there’s a flood of comments in the chat box which Vanessa ignores.Just a hundred tokens.”Frantically, I fish my credit card from my wallet, entering information as fast as I can, desperate to top up my account. Finally, the page refreshes and the cam comes back online.A hundred tokens translates as ten pounds but just to make doubly sure, I purchase an extra four hundred before retracing my path back to the room, waiting for my purchase to be accepted. Vanessa is still in the same position as she was when I left, only one of the guys has now removed her bra, exposing her full breasts to the cam.For extra punishment, and on the basis I wasn’t allowed to use the honeymoon suite before the wedding, I was exiled on my own to a mid-priced B&B on the outskirts of town with strict instructions to stay sober. But what draws my attention to this particular user is the thumbnail image, taken from their profile page. I recognise the wallpaper, and the potted plant in the corner of the room.


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