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The victims’ parents wrote to the Human Rights Commission alleging a “systematic failure” by state agencies responsible for protecting children.They asked for a national inquiry into violence and human rights abuses in schools.Additionally, the incidents appeared to be underplayed in subsequent comments made by the then Acting Principal and then BOT Chair to the media.Specifically, in a 16 January 2008 media report the then Acting Principal is quoted as having stated that “it wasn’t an assault where somebody had blood spilt” and the then BOT Chair is quoted as stating she had “understood the assaults were minor, so they were not referred to the Board for disciplinary action”.And the Office also wants to see victims gaining a voice in school disciplinary processes and greater guidance for school discipline.The report by Ombudsman David Mc Gee was today tabled in Parliament following his investigation into complaints arising from a series of violent incidents that occurred at Hutt Valley High School in December 2007.A complaint against the Education Review Office that it had failed to properly assess the safety of the school was upheld.A complaint against Child Youth and Family was also upheld for its failure to manage a conflict of interest held by one of its staff who was also chair of the school’s board of trustees.

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“This is because the situation at Hutt Valley High School demonstrates that the lack of appropriate sanctions can contribute to, and risk normalisation of, a culture of violence.” While a rigid national template for school discipline would have little merit, the current “entirely discretionary” system risked producing arbitrary disciplinary decisions both within and between schools, he said.It will consider how human rights are addressed by schools’ anti-bullying policies and make recommendations in situations in which policies are not protecting children.The Government unveiled anti-bullying initiatives this year after a spate of school violence.The School also minimised the seriousness of the incidents in its initial attitude to external agency involvement.The MOE records surrounding the incident suggest that the then Acting Principal initially queried the need for the MOE to become involved in the matter.“They were not referred to the Police or CYF for investigation, they were not adequately punished, and the school took it upon itself to interpret medical information in favour of the perpetrators.


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