Ha ji won dating hyun bin

But it seems Ji-won doesn't want to plan ringing her wedding bells any time soon. She is doing very well in her career and she still looks and feels very young. What do you think of this cute actress and her love life?

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A Facebook fan page, dedicated to the two is filled with pictures and interviews given by both the actors.

Four fans tried to get as much whipped cream on their lips as possible in the first ‘Cappuccino Kiss Challenge’ for a chance to take a Polaroid photograph with the actress while four other fans in the second challenge had to shoot some arrows to gain a hug or handshake from Ha Ji Won.

Fans were also given a glimpse of her vocal talents, when she gave live renditions of Malaysian singer Ah Niu’s Mandarin number ‘Looky here! Her pronunciation might not be entirely accurate and probably not many people knew of her music career – she released a debut album in 2003 – but her genuine charm on stage proved the age-old rule that only the artistes who are truly passionate about their craft can motivate audiences to fully immerse themselves in the performance.

When the video showed her attempting to do stunts on wire at the action school, the 36-year-old shared a secret: she actually has a fear of heights.

“I have acrophobia and in order to overcome it, I had to practise my stunts many times before the actual filming.


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