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Years down the road, the child will still be more active and less likely to be overweight.If you think about this, it makes perfect sense; teach a child when they’re young to love the outdoors and they will love it forever.Doesn’t this sound like a poor substitute for playing outside? Now some people may be wondering why parents let their kids stay indoors if playing outside is so much better.Some parents are worried about picking up germs outside. Pure, child-like freedom where anything is possible and anything goes. Consequently, children will be much happier because, hey, they’re smart and they have a lot of friends.

Researchers have discovered why children like video games. Children play video games for many reasons, including that video games are a fun challenge, stress relievers, offer companionship with other players and/or friends (Colwell, 2007).Nature slows us down, lowering blood pressure, as we appreciate its natural beauty (Wells, 2000).So basically when kids don’t play outside in the natural world, they miss the great benefits that nature provides. With all of the imaginary castles, lands, creatures, the brain develops at a much faster rate than for those who play indoors. Not only do they become better learners, and do well in school, but they are more fun to be around (i.e. Outdoors, a child learns on multiple levels with each new adventure (Burdette and Whitaker, 2005).This has become such an issue that the curent generation is used to being watched constantly, unlike prior generations (see here). One way to combat this is allowing children to do little things (e.g., play catch, walk to school, ride their bikes around the neighborhood with their friends). It’s National Outdoor Play Day (the first Saturday in every month). 5 Playing at School: More Important Than We Thought?


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