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"During his career he was associated with a number of clubs, most notably Crewe Alexandra – which was famed for developing talented young footballers," says the BBC."He worked there in the 1980s and 1990s and also had a close association with Stoke City and Manchester City, as well as with a number of junior teams in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester."He ran summer holiday camps in the UK – including at Butlins – as well as youth football tours and summer soccer camps in the US."He was sacked by Crewe in 1992, although the club did not give a reason for his dismissal."He went on to work in the US, but his career was cut shot short two years later after he was arrested on sexual abuse charges," says By sending the picture I lied to her and I broke her trust.'Broad said he had let down his family, friends and the Richmond Football Club.'But most of all I let down a young woman who I cared about.A young woman who I spent time with before the grand final and a young woman who I like and respected.'Richmond President Peggy O'Neal described Broad's actions as 'completely unacceptable' and revealed he would miss the first three home-and-away games of 2018.'As a club that's committed to gender equity and respect we find his actions to be completely unacceptable...

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'I don't think they have the pride it takes to be a defender,' said Bournemouth goalkeeper Begovic, in October, as he helped Sky Sports analyse Jurgen Klopp's team in the aftermath of a thrashing by Tottenham.

For the second time in five days the striker celebrated a goal by, well, not celebrating.

He kept a straight face and his arms down by his sides as he was congratulated by his teammates.

He "started coaching juniors in 1970, when he was 16, almost 25 years before he was finally locked up, and the really frightening thing here is that it is virtually impossible to calculate how many boys he had access to in that time", says Taylor. How many are holding back because of their own circumstances?

And how many were lucky enough not to have experienced that side of him?


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