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Not only are they hidden files, but they’re also considered protected operating system files.

To prevent Windows from creating files — most people won’t need to do this, but you can if you want — you can either use the Group Policy Editor (on a Professional or Enterprise version of Windows) or the Registry Editor (on a Home edition of Windows.) To change this setting in Group Policy, press Windows Key R to open the Run dialog, type “gpedit.msc” into the dialog, and press Enter.

For example, when you try to move some folders in Windows, Windows will inform you that the folder is a system folder and you shouldn’t move it. This sort of information is stored in the file in a folder.

We’re not aware of any way to prevent Windows from creating these files. These files are created in each folder and work similarly to the files on Windows.

You should just tell Windows not to display protected operating system files if you don’t want to see them. These files start with a period — a “.” character — and thus are hidden by default on Mac OS X and other Unix operating systems.

You won’t see these files on a Mac unless you go out of your way to view hidden files.


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