Definition of dating violence

Second, while sexual aggression is a form of physical violence and has an extensive research literature, it is reviewed by Lundberg-Love and Geffner (this volume, Chapter 9).Consequently, sexual aggression is not included in this chapter.If one accepts the argument of dating-marital violence equivalence, does this imply that dating is like marriage?Laner and Thompson offer a number of common characteristics of both marital and serious dating relationships in contrast to other dyads: (1) a greater degree of mutual interaction in terms of time spent together, range of activities in which they are engaged, and higher levels of involvement; (2) a greater exchange of personal information; (3) a greater presumed right to influence the partner; and (4) a greater likelihood of conflict due to the need to negotiate roles and responsibilities and to cope with environmental stressors.In marriage in contrast to dating, the couple arc economically bound to each other, usually with the woman dependent on her spouse.

This chapter, which reviews over 40 published and unpublished studies of dating violence, addresses three major issues: prevalence, contextual factors, and risk markers.when one person in a relationship does everything they can to have power and control over the other person, which includes physical violence, verbal and emotional abuse, stalking, or s-xual -ssault. it is a pattern of abuse that usually happens more and more and gets worse and worse over can affect all people: young and old, black and white, gay and straight, rich and poor, and everyone inbetween.For our purposes, the process of dating is seen as a dyadic interaction that focuses on participation in mutually rewarding activities that may increase the likelihood of future interaction, emotional commitment, and/or sexual intimacy.Consequently, dating violence involves the perpetration or threat of an act of physical violence by at least one member of an unmarried dyad on the other within the context of the dating process.For the present purposes, violence is defined as the use or threat of physical force or restraint carried out with the intent of causing pain or injury to another.


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