Consolidating software applications

The data provider is specific to a particular target (for example, a SQL Server service such as the relational engine) and provides data such as system views in SQL Server, Performance Monitor counters, and WMI providers, that can be consumed by the data collector.

The collector type is specific to a target type, based on the logical association of a data provider to a target type.

Before you work with the data collector, you should therefore understand certain concepts related to each of these SQL Server components.

SQL Server Agent is used to schedule and run collection jobs.

The following illustration shows how the data collector fits in the overall strategy for data collection and data management in SQL Server 2017.

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This enables the data collector to combine collector types from the operating system or from a specific target root, but not from different target roots.The following illustration shows the dependencies and relationships between data collector components.As shown in the illustration, the data provider is external to the data collector and by definition has an implicit relationship with the target.You should understand the following concepts: target An instance of the Database Engine in an edition of SQL Server that supports Data Collection.For more information about supported editions, see the "Manageability" section of Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2016.The Data Collector is a component of SQL Server 2017 that collects different sets of data.


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