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The included content will not have any explicit material.None of the content is more explicit than an R rating.By default, BT hides hides these channels, so you'll need to head to Settings Popular adult channels in the UK include: Playboy TV: Perhaps the world's best known provider of adult programming and magazines.It all began with the magazine and that famous logo, but the empire has grown and it now offers entertainment on a dedicated TV channel.There are also channels, such Red Hot TV, that you can watch on a on a pay-per-night basis.If you would like to get any of Virgin Media's adult TV channels, first choose a TV package. Bear in mind that some channels charge a monthly or daily fee to view.The Playboy channel is available on a pay-monthly or pay-per-night basis from Virgin Media.

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As a safety precaution, we strongly recommend you change your password.

Video On Demand services must be available in order to subscribe to Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD).

SVOD is a subscription service for a recurring monthly fee.

When you order it from your TV, you'll have to confirm your order before the content is added to your account.

Choose an SVOD option for more info: .99 per month Monthly programming serving the gay and lesbian community with movies and series, much like a premium channel.


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